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MB Marble and Tile FAQS

  • What is Granite/ What is Quartz?
    Granite vs. quartz countertops is a heated debate among designers, contractors & suppliers, but whether one material is better than the other comes down to what your home needs from a countertop. Everything has its pros & cons. Granite is a natural stone mined from quarries in blocks, then cut into slabs. From these slabs, granite countertops are cut and polished for installation. Unlike quartz countertops, the natural integrity of the stone remains untouched. All natural stones have pits & fissures. Some are more noticeable depending on the material. Quartz is an agglomerate (or mixture) of stone like materials bound with resins and pressed into sheets. It excels over a natural stone because it needs no sealing. Its resins are the sealant. Few imperfections in quartz materials show because its manufacture is controlled.
  • Are granite and quartz indestructible?
    Granite and quartz are extremely durable materials. Both are heat resistant and scratch resistant, NOT scratch or heat proof. Quartz countertops are stain resistant. This is due to the polymer that is mixed in with the crushed stone during the manufacturing process. Granite can be stain resistant once sealed. Though both are "forgiving", to avoid any issues, it is recommended you always use cutting boards, heat pads/trivets, and always wipe up spills as soon as you can.
  • Can my granite or quartz countertops be repaired if damaged?
    As durable as granite is chips, cracks & stains can occur. Repair depends on the extent/depth of damage. A crack or chip in granite can be repaired using various techniques (epoxy, resin, coloring). Stains can be minimized using industry tools and cleaners. The repair may not be invisible but will certainly look better. Quartz countertops may acquire scratches, chips and discolorations... if the damage is not too deep, it can be buffed/filled, but repairs are never invisible. Buffing the surface may and can change the sheen of the quartz surface never matching the factory finish.
  • Where are your materials sourced from?
    We work with a variety of local suppliers that import materials from all around the world. These can be found on our materials page. We have provided direct links to each supplier for your convenience. When looking at materials do not be afraid to ask the supplier if your selection will be durable for the area you plan to use it in. Example: High use areas would be better suited to denser materials. Not all granite/quartzites are created equal and most quartz products are not approved for exterior use or steam showers.
  • Do you have a list of suppliers to choose from?
    We have a full list of suppliers we provide for your convenience. Our suppliers have a wide variety of products for you to choose from, including quartz countertops.
  • What sets MB Marble & Tile Inc. apart from the competition?
    We are a locally owned business that will treat your project as if it is our very own. We have years of experience installing different materials (with quartz countertops being the most popular) to our client's specifications.
  • What products does MB Marble and Tile Inc. offer?
    We use high quality products for granite, quartzite, marble, porcelain slab, and quartz countertops. To create the slabs you see in stone yards, manufacturers combine roughly 93% ground quartz with 7% resins, polymers, and colors. This combination allows for a huge variety of colors with a similar look to natural stone (per Countertop Investigator). Providing a plethora of options to our clients is extremely important to us.
  • Do you offer any free estimates?
    All of our estimates are free, but we need to get specific details about your job to give you an accurate estimate. For example, if you are inquiring about quartz countertops, we will need to know the dimensions of the counter space. The desired material will influence the estimate as well.
  • Do you offer same day estimates?
    We try to provide the fastest turnaround on estimates, but it may take a few days to get an estimate back to you. If you know which material you are considering, it may speed up the process depending on our schedule that day.
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