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Welcome! Below is a lot of information and our policies. IT IS a lot to read, but very important to ensure the job process goes relatively smooth. Policies are to help contractors/designers/developers better educate the end user. Please take a few minutes and read through! 

The more you know, the less (hopefully) confusion on project progression. 

Because of the nature of this industry, we feel like politicians- "No matter what we tell you, there are always exceptions and half the time we can't give you a straight answer." 

Most suppliers (see our Materials page) are open on Saturday, but you should call to verify hours and if appointments are recommended. If you are hoping to hand select slabs, this will require the supplier to move material so we recommend you make an appointment for this. When looking at a picture or small sample of ANY potential product selection, it is HIGHLY recommended that you visit the supplier of your selected choice to verify its overall pattern/color expectations are being met. Samples only represent a small portion of the slab and may not reflect its complete pattern or color variations. 

IMPORTANT: Suppliers will only hold your selected material anywhere from 7 to 30 days (please check with their policies) and will NOT notify us or you that product has been released after the time period has expired. Suppliers will no longer hold material while you wait for a new shipment to come in. They are in the business of selling slabs and cannot bring in new shipments until room is made by selling existing inventory. MB Marble is not responsible for the policies of our suppliers. You should not hold material if your job (interior) is not expected to start within this period. It is recommended that you wait to select your actual material during the dry wall phase of construction. Check with suppliers regarding their individual policies. Please note that a product known by one supplier may be called something else at another supply house. For example, Viara at Crossville is known as Indian Parana at Arizona Tile. The lack of name recognition does not mean the supplier may not carry it.

When you submit drawings to MB to bid your project and specify a material, (if not on hold) we do not check the suppliers current inventory & we do not put material on hold during the bidding process. 

*** Estimate is based on drawings, measurements, & information provided by customer. The more information provided, the more accurate the estimate. Upon actual scheduled template/measurement, additional square footage and potential hazards (elevators/stairs) may result in additional charges. FARM/APRON FRONT SINKS & UNDERMOUNT TUB MUST BE PLACED BEFORE WE COME TO MEASURE. ELECTRICAL POP UP OUTLET INFORMATION IN COUNTERTOPS MUST BE SHARED DURING THE BIDDING PROCESS. OUTLETS NOT MENTIONED AND NEEDING TO BE CUT ON SITE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF $500.00 EACH.

Unless noted otherwise, please allow approximately three weeks (+/- Holiday seasons can be up to seven weeks out) from template/measure date for install. This also applies if we do not have a signed contract or deposit. Usually our estimates are good for 30 days, but with volatile material costs and fuel charges, currently our estimates are only good for 14 days. If your job has a revision, it is good for 14 days from revision date. 

Unless noted otherwise, TEAR OUT of existing countertops IS NOT INCLUDED. The supply of material and installation for SUBTOPS/STRIPS IS NOT INCLUDED (required for laminated/mitered materials). 

CABINETS/SUPPORTS must be installed, secure and level prior to installation. MB is not responsible for cabinet/support movement and/or stone cracking from the existing cabinet/support installation. 

ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING: Please note that MB Marble does not perform any electrical or plumbing work. If tear out and disposal of existing counters is included in bid, the disconnecting and re-connecting of plumbing, gas lines and electrical is the responsibility of the contractor/homeowner. 


To help speed up the process, please make sure areas are easily accessible (no items or appliances on surfaces, pathways clear). 

It is difficult to schedule an exact time, every jobsite is different and some require more time based on details, plus any travel time can be impacted by traffic. That is why we can only give approximate windows. Templator will call when leaving previous job. 

If your sink is an Apron or Farm style front or you have Undermount Tub, IT MUST BE IN PLACE prior to templating. If sinks & faucets are not on site, please have model/spec information available. MB Marble does not need the sinks or faucets at our shop UNLESS they do not have a template or DXF file for cutting the opening. Please check with your supplier. MB will not put your job in production without this info and this may impact the install date. 

INSTALL Expectations:

SAFETY. Access must be free and clear of obstructions (tools, supplies, snow, ice, people, etc.) Safety is critical. Stairs in place, material cannot be carried up a ladder. If the installer is expected to carry/cart products around the back of the site or from the street, it is highly recommended path is flat and clear of obstacles. 

Some jobs may require a crane based on access and weight/size of pieces. It is the responsibility of the contractor/homeowner to provide this. 

DETAILS. At installation, all items (sinks, faucets, etc.) are required to be on site to complete the job. MB will drill holes for plumbing fixtures and mount the undermount sinks to the underside of the countertop (we do not hook up any plumbing). It is the plumber/contractors responsibility to secure the dishwasher to cabinets. It is highly suggested you schedule your plumber for the next day, this will allow any caulk/adhesive to set up before pressure/torque is put on the sink.

If you will not be on site during install, please leave instructions/drawings with where you would like the placement of faucets & accessories (measurements help). Be aware we may have to adjust locations a bit based on sink rim/cabinet frame location. IF WE HAVE TO RETURN TO THE JOBSITE TO SET SINKS and/or DRILL/ADJUST HOLES FOR ITEMS NOT ON SITE, THERE WILL BE A RETURN TRIP CHARGE OF $300.00. If we return for a service call, you may still be charged for the extra time/labor to drill holes/sink sets.  

SEALING. Upon completion of the install, crew will clean and seal your new natural stone surfaces.

SLAB LAYOUT: There are two types that we can do... but both are time consuming, require specific details, extra time, and can impact material suppliers, our office, and shop production. This is not done for all jobs. Client needs to be aware that slab size provided by supplier does not mean it is totally usable and the other factors we need to take into account for cutting. 

1st- Preliminary: Done during estimate from supplied drawings. Usually done if job has lots of seams/joints and material has a very specific pattern to be matched (usually requires additional material to do job correctly) or client wants to avoid/capture a certain area of slab. This is done only for estimating and is not a guarantee that is how it will be cut once actual measurements are done. If no material is selected, it is strictly done for slab fitting, to get quantity needed. If client is happy with the bid layout, it can be saved and given to shop for cutting once all requirements are met. Be aware actual measurements or any issues on slab not visible in picture may require some adjustment/shifting. 

2nd- Actual Layout in Person: Marcin will not schedule the layout until he does the templating and has actual measurements. There is a $200.00 fee for the visit, this is because it takes at least two people away from production in order to move slabs and help with layout. 

NATURAL STONE: Product of nature. The natural color, texture and veining may vary in each slab and from one area of the slab to another within the same piece. When looking at a picture or small sample of ANY potential product selection, it is HIGHLY recommended that you visit the supplier of your selected choice to verify its overall pattern/color expectations are being met. Samples only represent a small portion of the slab and may not reflect its complete pattern or color variations. 

All stones have natural variations, coloration, fissures, veins & pits. Some are more noticeable than others, especially when laying horizontal. MB is not responsible for these variations. In some cases, the very thing that makes the stone beautiful, is the very thing that can create "issues." Some tend to think of the unusual markings as imperfections, we need to remember that these materials are as nature intended. In your excitement and with the overwhelming stone/color options, you can miss some important details in the stone. If a slab has surface chips, cracks, or split veins, slab quarries may fill the stone with various products (resin, crushed stone, epoxy). MB is not responsible for these variations or issues. 

No stone is impervious to staining or scratching, even sealed. Softer stones (light colored granites, limestones, travertines, marbles, etc.) as well as honed or textured materials are more porous and prone to staining- even when sealed. Certain products can stain (darken) or etch, even sealed stone. MB Marble is not responsible for this occurrence. 
Please note- Softer stones can have water marks/stains on slabs that cannot be buffed out. There can also be hairline fissures and veins not readily noticeable, but obvious once sealer has been applied. Make sure material is looked over carefully... once selected and delivered to MB, this material is fabricated as-is. 

Regarding UNPOLISHED (leathered, brushed, satin, caressed, honed, etc.) material surfaces. A sample of your material choice with your desired material may not be available. Once you commit to the textured/unpolished surface, it will be installed as-is. Though there are exceptions, the nature of this process is to make the material look used/aged/distressed & hide potential imperfections. The degree of the "swirl marks" created by this process is dependent on the material itself. MB Marble is not responsible for the material surface. Natural stone will be cleaned & sealed but NO refill or touch up will be done to surface. 
IF material does not come pre-textured/honed from the supplier, there will be an additional charge to have this done. Price depends on the finish selected. This process may add approximately 10 days (+/-) to existing schedule. MB Marble reserves the right to refuse to texture certain materials. 

TREATED Materials: Treated means the stone is stained/dyed from the quarry. Though we may be supplied the dye, edge color still may not match the surface. MB Marble is not responsible for this color difference. 
EDGES: Always check before specifying a specific edge. It may not be available, will increase job cost and may not be possible on your material selection. 
ROUGH/CHISELED: MB Marble reserves the right to refuse to do a chiseled edge on certain materials or may increase the labor price based on material choice. Customer understands that the structure of this material dictates how rough or uneven edge and color will be. Also, the process to chisel the edge can break the stone and produce fissures/cracks in the surface. MB is not responsible for any fissures or cracks on the surface/edge of the stone, the irregularity of color or line of edge during the fabrication process. 

MAN MADE/QUARTZ MATERIALS: When looking at a picture or small sample of ANY potential product selection, it is HIGHLY recommended that you visit the supplier of your selected choice to verify its overall pattern/color expectations are being met. Samples only represent a small portion of the slab and may not reflect its complete pattern or color variations.
For maintenance & warranty information, please refer to the manufacturer's website. MB Marble will not seal selected material , as this will void the manufacturer's warranty (in most cases). Most quartz suppliers will offer you not only a wide range of colors, but finishes as well. This includes polished, honed, satin, and brushed. Just as each finish has a different look, it also has slightly different characteristics. 
Important- Quartz is a beautiful and durable non-porous surface. Some colors are available in a non polished finish which offers the soft appearance of a lower sheen compared to the polished finish. The unpolished finishes require slightly more maintenance than our polished materials. Since the unpolished finish actually creates more visible surface area, it has the potential to show more signs of living from daily use. Possible marks from metal cookware or utensils, fingerprints, etc. may be visible on the surface. Most marks can be easily removed with a cloth or sponge, or by using household cleaners such as a cleaning eraser or carefully scrubbing with a sponge & non-abrasive cleaner such as Soft Scrub Advanced Cleaner®. Over time, the unpolished finish will develop character and patina unique to each customer. 
Unpolished finishes can be cleaned using the same products and methods as other finishes, please go to your manufacturer's website for the care & maintenance guide. 
Before deciding on honed or satin finishes, please make sure you fully understand the unique characteristics and that both finishes will be more likely to show scuffs, marks, and fingerprints. They also require more frequent or intense cleaning and maintenance to keep it free from marks. The warranty issued by the manufacturer covers manufacturing defects, but the temporary marks that commonly occur on on unpolished surfaces are inherent to the material and are not covered under the terms of their warranty. It is the responsibility of the end user to maintain the selected material. It is the responsibility of the contractor/designer to make sure the end user is aware of the above details regarding selected material. 

EXTERIOR APPLICATIONS: We want the customer to know what potential issues could come up with exterior countertop installs. No matter what we say here, there can always be exceptions. 
The only quartz materials approved for exterior applications are DIRESCO and Caesarstone SOLARIS Line. Other manufacturer warranties will not be honored for material placed outside. 
All natural stones can and do absorb heat, especially in the sun and most can radiate it out about 10-20 degrees hotter. Typically, the denser the stone the better.
In most cases, the problem is not with the stone but with the resin on the surface. In recent years, more and more stone manufacturers have been using resin to coat the slabs- because of this, resin can and does break down when exposed to UV rays. It flakes, pops, chips, and yellows creating a rough surface over time. 
MB Marble is not responsible for the failure of the material or resin, and based on our recent experience, the supplier will not take responsibility either. When selecting material, it is best to talk to your supplier about what happens when issues come up. We are not saying it is not an option to put countertops outside, we just want you to make sure that when you look for your final selection you make sure that the material is acceptable for exterior application. Since suppliers know their sources for material and quality, they can better direct you to the best material for this application and tell you what help you get from the supplier IF there are issues in the future. 

SLAB BALANCE POLICY: Our policy regarding slab balance is that it is the property of the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to let us know PRIOR to fabrication if they wish to keep material balance and sink or cooktop cutouts (cutouts may not be in one piece). IF customer elects to keep balance, it is their responsibility to pick up the material balance from the MB Marble yard- appointment is required. MB Marble will not deliver additional pieces and WILL NOT hold material for more than 15 WORKING DAYS. Small scraps, cut offs and pieces that will not fit on storage frames are NOT kept. No- you cannot be in the shop to catch the small pieces... it is a liability to you AND our fabricators & can slow production. 
Additional labor to handle material balance was not factored into the job cost. The issue with storing material in our yard is... not enough space, weather disturbing some material, product getting moved a lot and/or materials being stacked on top of piece, causing potential damage/breakage. MB Marble is NOT responsible for ANY damage. 

TEAR OUT: MB Marble will remove & dispose of existing countertops at an additional cost. We will make every effort to be careful, but damage to walls, existing backsplash and cabinets may happen. MB Marble is NOT responsible for this damage and any repairs needed will be the responsibility of the customer. MB Marble cannot & does not guarantee that existing countertops can be salvaged for re-use. Please remember that MB does not do any plumbing, electrical or handyman work. The disconnecting & re-connecting of plumbing, gas lines, or electrical is the responsibility of the customer. 

MB STOCK POLICY: It is MB Marble & Tile's policy that the reduced price for our stock material is sold as-is and is fabricated and/or installed as MB Marble's schedule permits. Discounted material tops will not be "pushed" through production or install schedule. MB Marble will not be held responsible for material selections held for more than two weeks. Storing material in our yard is not without disturbs some material, product gets
 moved a lot and/or materials get stacked on top of piece, causing potential damage/breakage. We are not responsible for any possible damage. 
Price will be based on the material & size selection. Based on the continued handling of stock material, MB Marble cannot guarantee that your actual piece may still be usable and reserves the right to use a similar material. 
Customer to provide template or measurements for fabrication. If customer elects to have MB Marble come to template there will be an additional charge of $150.00 per trip (based on agreement) and will be scheduled when we are in the same area and time permitting. 

VIEWING STOCK: To ensure that someone is available to help you, appointments are HIGHLY recommended. To help keep costs down on stock material, a time limit for selection may be applied based on office deadlines & production schedules.
*Weather Permitting- we will reschedule: 
*Summer- Above 80 degrees. Slabs absorb & radiate heat by approx. 20 degrees hotter than current temperature. This makes them too difficult to handle and too uncomfortable to be around.
*Winter- Rain, snow & ice can impact the safety of our employees & customers in the handling and access to material. 

YOUR SAFETY: We are not a design center, our yard is considered a construction site based on forklift & delivery activity, moving of slabs (dangerous under the best of conditions), stone debris, tools & limited space. If you elect to bring children, they MUST be supervised at ALL times- NO going between slabs or under A-Frames. 

WARRANTY INFO: DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES FOR GOODS. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, in connection with the goods provided under the contract. Including, BUT not limited to the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, course of dealing or usage of trade. Any warranties imposed by applicable law notwithstanding this claimer will expire at the same time as the limited warranty for labor below. 

*** Limited Liability for Labor. For a period of one (1) year from the completion date of installation, MB Marble will correct without charge any defects in its own workmanship. 

It is the responsibility of the contractor/designer to make sure the end user is aware of MB Marble disclaimers regarding material/job details. Also, upon acceptance of estimate... material total + tax or 50% of job total (whichever is greater) is required as a deposit. MB Marble will not order material or consider a date for measurement/install without this payment. Balance and any additional costs are due upon receipt of final invoice. MB Marble does not extend 30 day terms. 


A 2% convenience fee will be added to all credit card payments. 

Interest of 1.5% per month will be charged on past due accounts over 30 days. If it becomes necessary to retain an attorney to collect balances due, the client agrees to pay all attorney and collection costs. 

Please review your estimate CLOSELY and VERIFY details and policies. If you need any clarifications, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to help. We will NOT order any material or proceed without it being signed. 

We look forward to working with you!  

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